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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Uri Shumlak
A A 509
Seattle Campus

Computational Fluid Dynamics I

Numerical approximation of the inviscid compressible equations of fluid dynamics. Analysis of numerical accuracy, stability, and efficiency. Use of explicit, implicit, and flux split methods. Discussion of splitting, approximate factorization, discrete point, and finite volume approaches. Applications to the solution of simple hyperbolic systems of equations and the Euler equations. Offered: W.

Class Description

1. Students will know when to apply hyperbolic methods 2. Students will be able to recognize instabilities in algorithms 3. Students will understand where the CFL condition comes from 4. Students will be able to recognize dissipation and dispersion 5. Students will be able to recognize inconsistency and non-convergence 6. Students will be able to apply algorithms to the unsteady, 1D Euler Equations 7. Students will be able to critically assess algorithms based on solutions 8. Students will recognize convergence to a steady solution 9. Students will be able to run a sample CFD code

The course material will be delivered through three hours of lectures per week, homework assignments, and computer projects.

Recommended preparation

Students should have an elementary understanding of PDE’s, an UG-level fluid dynamics, and computer experience including some programming.

Class Assignments and Grading

4 Computer Projects 60% 3 Homework Assignments 20% Midterm 10% Final 10%

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