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Damarys Espinoza
Bothell Campus

Topics in Global Studies

Examines a topic, theme, problem, or area of the world in order to provide a deeper understanding of an aspect of Global Studies.

Class description

This course engages an interdisciplinary approach to understanding gender-based violence as a global public health problem. Our examination of gender-based violence will span the fields of medical anthropology, women, gender and sexuality studies, and global health. The course will cover the historical, political and cultural context, as well as key social theory perspectives on gender-based violence. Specific manifestations of gender violence will be discussed, including: sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence, pornography, trafficking, and state-sponsored violence. Course content will include relevant research on women and gender, masculinities, and applications of social theory to social policy and intervention. In addition, gender violence will be analyzed with particular focus on local, national, and global contexts.

Student learning goals

Students will be introduced to the study of medical anthropology and global health through a focused socio-cultural analysis of gender violence.

Students will explore themes in the meaning, expression and social, political, and economic nature of human responses to experiences of health, violence, and resilience.

Students will examine the history, production, methods, scope, and uses of ethnography to understand the complex challenges facing our globalizing world.

Students will be able to think analytically about contemporary patterns of structural violence that result in health disparities and health crises within and between communities with the goal of identifying opportunities to improve community health.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 04/17/2012