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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Bruce E. Kochis
BIS 466
Bothell Campus

Human Rights and Resistance

Examines how cultural practice interacts with the modern human rights movement, exploring how cultural production such as music, literature, theater, or the visual arts can promote the human rights regime as it resists challenges to justices and human dignity.

Class description

The primary goal of the course is to develop our understanding of how cultural and personal resistance rises up against dominating forces and powers. To reach this goal we will need to focus on three objectives: 1) an empirical and historical account of the Czech, Jewish, Roma, and German peoples of the Czech lands and their resistance to potentially hegemonic forces; 2) a critical cultural analysis of things these peoples created and their processes of resistance, and 3) an analysis of contemporary forms of resistance.

Student learning goals

The significance of culture in realizing human rights.

How culture creates meaning.

Begin understanding the components of cultural identity and why it matters.

General method of instruction

lecture/discussion with significant amounts of reading and writing.

Recommended preparation

Recommended is a prior human rights class and at least one upper-division class in VLPA content areas.

Class assignments and grading

Short papers.

Writing, preparation, professionalism, and participation.

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Date: 11/14/2013