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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Gray M Kochhar-Lindgren
BIS 300
Bothell Campus

Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Introduction to advanced work in interdisciplinary studies centered on broadly based questions and problems. Stresses the skills necessary to engage in upper-division research and learning in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program.

Class description

In this course, we ask a very simple question: what is life like in the (post)modern city? Beginning with our own experience in Seattle, and always returning to this site of exploration, we will extend our reach historically, spatially, and culturally as we roam through the streets. As we travel, we will also pay close attention to our own desire, to interdisciplinary methodologies—especially from philosophy, literature, the arts, cultural studies, and geography—and to the construction of your IAS learning portfolio.

Student learning goals

Learning to participate actively in interdisciplinary thinking, analysis, research, and projects

Articulating--through writing,the arts, experiments, or media productions--a project that explores a particular aspect of life in Seattle

Increasing the sophistication of observation, analytic, and creative skills in writing,reading, presentation, and making

Getting to know your peers, the IAS faculty, the program learning goals, and gaining more familiarity with your major

Beginning to construct the IAS Learning Portfolio as a means of reflection and projection for the next stage of your life

General method of instruction

Reading, writing, talking, creative practices, media and web activities, reflection, research maps and models, off-site observations, and play.

Recommended preparation

Curiosity, hard work, inquisitive attention to your surroundings, as much reading as possible, attention to popular culture and your own experience, and a willingness to explore demanding subjects.

Class assignments and grading

See above

Writing, projects, participation, presentations

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Last Update by Gray M Kochhar-Lindgren
Date: 01/26/2012