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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jeanne D. Heuving
BIS 207
Bothell Campus

Introduction to Creative Writing: Words, Stories, Dialogues

Inquires into basic elements of creative writing that occur in multiple genres and media. Studies and practices writing in a workshop atmosphere.

Class description

This course inquires into basic elements of creative writing: words, stories, and dialogues. Students study and practice writing in a workshop atmosphere.

Student learning goals

students will learn to develop creative relationships to language, gaining a sense of how words denote and connote

students will learn different modes of narration, querying such concepts as narrative distance and closeness, narrative attitude and tone, and narrative focus.

students will gain sensitivity to speech-inflected language and conversational patterns between two or more people

students will consider how creative writing draws on worlds outside of itself and constructs these worlds

General method of instruction

Some lecture; large group discussion; and small group discussion. The class will be divided somewhat equally between discussions of published authors and the writing of workshop members.

Recommended preparation

Students should have a strong interest in reading and writing, and be willing to spend time paying close attention to written texts. Background in diverse arts, in addition to creative writing, is often a plus.

Class assignments and grading

Each week a written "experiment" will be assigned, due the next week. A final creative writing project and thought piece will be assigned.

20 per cent participation 30 per cent portfolio of written experiments 30 per cent final piece of creative writing--usually an expanded piece from written experiments 20 per cent final thought piece, asking you to "read as a writer"

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Date: 05/17/2009