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Time Schedule:

Joseph Adam Milutis
Bothell Campus

Topics in Cultural and Arts Practice

Investigates issues in cultural and arts practice in diverse settings. Offered: AWSpS.

Class description

Writing through the Image will explore the various ways in which visual culture has intersected with textual production, with an emphasis on cross-media literary works. Areas of inquiry will include the politics of the caption, digital image aggregators, aesthetics and practice of multimedia authoring, the ontology of the photograph, image vitalism, psychoanalysis and the image, surrealism and photography, conceptual writing, metadata and archives, the video essay, online publishing environments, cross-genre literary experimentation, text and experimental film.

We will start with applicable work that theorizes the image, specifically in relation to text, and then move on to discuss literary work that has incorporated the image. While we will mostly be focusing on how writing reaches out to, incorporates, or mimics the world of the image and/or acclimates itself to digital environments, the inquiries are also open to ways in which image culture and the art world incorporate the world of text, or where the interaction encourages indistinction between these realms.

Students will be invited to either produce an original multimedia essay response to the course, or do a typical scholarly paper. While most of the class time will be dedicated to discussion and presentations, there may be some time set aside for basic multimedia skills and skill sharing; pending time and interest, practicums on applicable multimedia skills and introduction to resources will be made available. NOTE: CLASS WILL MEET FROM 6pm-10

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

graduate seminar. discussion, presentations, final research paper.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 04/21/2011