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University Honors Program

The four-year University Honors Program features special advising, honors courses, honors sections of regular courses, faculty/student colloquia, and opportunities for independent study. It provides expanded opportunities for undergraduate education to those students who show exceptional intellectual promise.

To be considered for admission to the University Honors Program at entrance, students must apply to the Honors Program when they submit their Application for Undergraduate Admission to the University. Selection is based on high school records, test scores, an essay, and recommendations from the secondary school. Students also may seek admission based on their academic performance during their freshman year at the University.

When an honors student is accepted into a department that offers an honors curriculum, usually by the junior year, that student is graduated "With College Honors" in the appropriate discipline. Students who are not members of the University Honors Program, but who demonstrate exceptional abilities in a particular field of study may, at the invitation of their department, participate in a departmental honors curriculum and receive a degree "With Distinction" in the major field. By special arrangement, it is possible for students to complete a degree "With College Honors" in departments not offering a formal honors option.