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Undergraduate Majors

To graduate from the UW, students must complete one of the majors listed at the above link. In many cases, the student need not make a final choice until the beginning of the junior year, although programs with considerable mathematics and science (e.g., engineering and premedicine) include lock-step requirements that must be started early on if the student expects to finish in four years.

Students can enter some majors directly (e.g., those in Ocean and Fishery Sciences, most in Forest Resources, and some in Arts and Sciences), but most students start out as premajors. As premajors, they take courses to fulfill general requirements and admission requirements for the major. Many majors require one or two years of pre-admission course work, although a few require more. Admission to many majors is competitive, which means students may not be accepted even if they complete all the prerequisite course work, depending on their grades and other factors.

The General Catalog Degree Program Descriptions shows requirements for all majors, but students should see an adviser to ask about changes, course sequences, or new options.