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Program Overview

The minor in paleobiology, sponsored by the Department of Biology, provides students a solid foundation in the evolution and ecology of life in deep geologic time. In addition to classwork in paleontology, geobiology, astrobiology, and paleoanthropology, the minor provides opportunities for fieldwork and independent research.

Undergraduate Program

318 Hitchcock Hall, Box 355320



Minor Requirements: Minimum 30 credits

  1. BIOL 354
  2. Electives: Two from the paleobiology core content area and one from each of the three other content areas, selected from approved courses available on the paleobiology website.
  3. BIOL 483
  4. Integrative experience in paleobiology: Minimum 3 credits from one of BIOL 475 or BIOL 499, ESS 499 or BIO A 499, at the discretion of the instructor
  5. Remaining credits from any of the above or BIO A 389, BIO A 491, or an approved elective
  6. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA for courses presented for the minor
  7. Minimum 18 credits from outside the student's major.
  8. Minimum 15 credits completed through the UW.