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Marine Biology

Program Overview

The minor in marine biology is sponsored jointly by the College of the Environment and the College of Arts and Sciences, and is designed to immerse students in the study of marine organisms and ecosystems, starting in the freshman year. Because the experience of marine sciences cannot be taught entirely within the classroom, the minor is structured to provide ample opportunity for field work and research within the coursework.

Undergraduate Program

116 Fishery Sciences Building, Box 355020


Minor Requirements: 35 credits, as follows:

  1. Introductory Courses (19 credits): FISH 250/OCEAN 250/BIOL 250; OCEAN 210; BIOL 180; Q SCI 381.
  2. Integrative Experience (3 credits): See adviser for approved list of courses.
  3. Electives (13 credits): Selected from an approved list available from a program adviser. Additional courses may be approved by program adviser. (A minimum of one elective course must be taken from each of the following units: aquatic and fisheries sciences; oceanography; and biology or Friday Harbor Laboratories biology - FHL prefix.)
  4. Up to 17 credits may overlap with credits applied to a student's major and up to 5 credits may overlap with credits applied to another minor.
  5. Minimum 15 credits in upper-division courses.
  6. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA in courses presented for the minor.