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Program Overview

211 Mary Gates Hall

The four-year University Honors Program features an interdisciplinary Honors core curriculum with a focus on experiential learning and reflection, Honors academic advising, foreign study programs and exchanges, and opportunities for independent study. It provides an academic community and educational opportunities to those students who are willing to take academic risks, think across disciplinary boundaries, and engage in experiential learning (e.g., research, leadership, community and/or international engagement).

To be considered for admission to the University Honors Program at entrance, students must apply to the Honors Program when they submit their Application for Undergraduate Admission to the University. “Selection is based on a student’s demonstrated engagement with interdisciplinary learning, high school record, essay responses, a letter of recommendation, and fit for the program”. Students also may seek admission based on their academic performance during their spring quarter of their freshman year at the University via the late admission process.

Students who are accepted into the University Honors Program in their freshman year and complete the Honors Core Curriculum alone graduate “With Interdisciplinary Honors.” When students complete both the Core Curriculum and the Departmental Honors requirements in their chosen major, they graduate “With College Honors in Name of Major.” Students who do not participate in or complete the Honors Core Curriculum but are admitted into and complete the Honors Program in their chosen major will receive a degree “With Honors in Name of Major .” By special arrangement it mayis be possible for students to complete a degree “With College Honors” in departments, schools, or programs that do not offer a formal Departmental Honors option as well as Departmental Honors by itself.

Core Curriculum

47 credits as follows:

  1. HONORS 100 (1 credit)
  2. One Honors social science course (HONORS 230 series/HONORS 233/HONORS 397) (I&S; 5 credits).
  3. One Honors arts/humanities course (HONORS 210/HONORS 240 series/HONORS 213/HONORS 398) (VLPA; 5 credits).
  4. One Honors interdisciplinary course (HONORS 390 series/HONORS 381 series) (I&S, NW, VLPA; 5 credits)
  5. One Honors science course (HONORS 220 series/HONORS 223/HONORS 396) (NW; 5 credits).
  6. Combination of any five 4- or 5-credit Honors VLPA, I&S, NW courses and Honors prefix courses. (20-25 credits).
  7. HONORS 496 (1 credit)
  8. At least 15 credits of courses with the HONORS prefix, excluding HONORS 100 and HONORS 496.
  9. In at least one major in which the student is pursuing Interdisciplinary or College Honors, no more than three courses used in the major may apply toward the Honors core curriculum.
  10. Courses applying towards Departmental Honors may not be applied toward the Honors core curriculum.
  11. Students may fulfill no more than 15 credits of Honors core requirements by completing ad hoc projects in non-Honors course outside the major or by way of a non-Honors study abroad program. Ad hoc Honors courses with the appropriate Areas of Knowledge designation may replace the respective social science (I&S), arts/humanities (VLPA), or science (NW) course; ad hoc Honors courses may not replace the interdisciplinary course requirement.
  12. Minimum cumulative 3.30 GPA in all courses completed through the UW.

Departmental Honors

Students may apply to Departmental Honors in their major(s) after they have been admitted to the major, typically in their junior year. Each department at the UW has a unique set of Departmental Honors requirements. For links to specific information about each department, see the Honors Program Website.