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Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics Studies

Program Overview

313 Loew

The aim of the graduate certificate program in Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics (GTTL) is to enable graduate students to augment their degree programs in preparation for careers that demand the combined knowledge of trade, transportation, and logistics. Particular attention is directed to the study of activities involved in the flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption on a global scale. The wide range of issues addressed includes the management of the intermodal connections among maritime, aviation, and overland modes of transport; environmental and energy concerns; advancements in telecommunications; and the legal, regulatory, and technological infrastructures that facilitate global commerce and transportation.

The GTTL graduate certificate program is responsive to the needs of government and industry for trained university graduates. The program is overseen by the Interdisciplinary Committee on Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics. Members come from the University and the private and public sectors. GTTL works with leaders in business and government organizations to develop internships and jobs, in addition to offering a number of scholarship opportunities for graduate students. The GTTL certificate is based on a set of course requirements to be fulfilled in conjunction with the student's existing graduate degree program.

Interdisciplinary Committee

The interdisciplinary committee periodically reviews the content of the core courses, recommends instructors, maintains the list of eligible electives, and coordinates with course instructors regarding scheduling and prerequisites. The committee is assisted in these tasks by the lead core-course instructor, the program executive director, the managing director, and the Graduate School staff, as appropriate. The committee also oversees the policy on admission to the graduate certificate program.

Graduate Program

Graduate Program Coordinator
313 Loew, Box 352193
(206) 616-5778

Students associated with GTTL receive the graduate certificate upon completing the program's requirements and obtain their degrees through cooperating academic units. GTTL prepares students for careers in international trade, transportation, and logistics by offering a comprehensive program encompassing selected courses from the disciplines mentioned below. Those students completing the graduate certificate receive an appropriate notation on their transcript and a letter of achievement, signed by the head of the student's academic unit and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Admission Requirements

Students admitted into graduate degree programs in the following units are eligible for the GTTL graduate certificate: Aeronautics and Astronautics; Foster School of Business; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Communication; Economics; Education; Environmental and Forest Sciences; Geography; International Studies; Law; Marine Affairs; Political Science; Public Affairs; and Urban Design and Planning. Graduate students from other departments may be admitted on an ad hoc basis.

Certificate Requirements

Minimum 20 credits: two core courses (8 credits) and four elective courses (at least 12 credits).

The core courses -- GTTL 501 and GTTL 502 -- provide a basic overview of the academic theories, political-economic structures, industrial dynamics, public policies, and strategic issues concerning the study, business, and regulation of global trade, transportation, and logistics.

Students select electives from a continually updated list. Most electives (and core courses) may also satisfy a student's home department requirements. At least one elective must come from outside the home department to reinforce the interdisciplinary objective of the certificate program. A substitution policy developed by the committee assures that an appropriate mix of electives can be found for each student. GTTL 600 (Independent Study) and GTTL 601 (Internship) provide an alternative means to gain elective credits.