Student Guide

Electronic Academic Records System (EARS)

EARS enables authorized UW staff to access official student record information in a web format.

Access is restricted to authorized UW advisers and staff

In order to access this system, you must be a current UW employee with a UW NetID and SecurID token and have been given authorization to access EARS.

For authorization to use the Electronic Academic Records System:

  • Staff –¬†To request administrative access to EARS, please download and fill out the Ears Access Request form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and forward¬† the form to ADM, Box 355850 or Fax 206.685.3660. For questions email
  • For guidelines and suggestions on writing notes in the EARS system, please review this document.

FERPA Warning

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974:

  • This information is available only to University staff and faculty when required for the performance of their responsibilities to the University.
  • The information is released on the condition that you will not permit any other access to the information without the written consent of the students involved.

For further details, see Washington Administrative Code 478-140-024.

Acknowledge FERPA warning and proceed to the Electronic Academic Records System.