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MEDENG 519 Journal Research Seminar (1) Minie
Presentation an discussion of topics related to the medical, clinical, and pharmaceutical technology fields. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: jointly with PHARBE 519; AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 519 (student access only)

MEDENG 530 Cell Biology (4)
Introduces fundamental molecular processes occurring in organisms. Emphasizes structure and organization of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, DNA replication, gene expression and regulation, protein biochemistry, signal transduction, and the extracellular matrix. Case studies illustrate concepts and how improper functioning of these systems leads to disease. Corequisite: MEDENG 531.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 530 (student access only)

MEDENG 531 Cell Biology Laboratory (2)
Introduces basic microbiological and molecular biological techniques as applied to: isolation and identification of non-pathogenic bacteria, gene cloning and transfection, PCR, and bacteriophage genetics. Introduces mammalian cell and tissue culture techniques. Emphasizes lab safety and proper record keeping. Corequisite: MEDENG 530.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 531 (student access only)

MEDENG 532 Medical Device Design (4) Baker
Emphasizes human factors in the design and intellectual property of medical devices. Examines the useful and safe design of devices for patients, caregivers, physicians, technicians, and manufactures. Addresses the physical, mental, and environmental constraints which affect fitting a device to the human user. Considers design for the device's life cycle.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 532 (student access only)

MEDENG 533 Regulatory Affairs for the Medical Device Industry (4)
Reviews the government oversight of medical device development and those laws and regulations that apply to development, testing, and production of the devices. Examines the responsibilities of a regulatory affairs specialists in companies.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 533 (student access only)

MEDENG 536 Biosensors (4)
Review of biosensors in use and under development, and their application in vivo and in vitro monitoring of humans.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 536 (student access only)

MEDENG 537 Biomaterials and Biocompatibility (4)
Covers materials science and biology needed to appreciate the use of materials in medicine and biology. Subjects include an overview of applications, biocompatibility, biomaterials types and properties, bimolecular materials, protein adsorption, cells on biomaterials, diagnostics, smart materials, drug release, tissues engineering, biomechanics of medical devices, blood compatibility, and biosurfaces.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 537 (student access only)

MEDENG 538 Medical Imaging Diagnostics (4)
Examines disease presentation and identification as seen in medical images; use of contrast enhancement methods in various image modalities; disease analysis, modern diagnostic imaging methods, and diagnostic indicators using various imaging techniques. Prerequisite: B STR 540; CONJ 585, or equivalent courses.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 538 (student access only)

MEDENG 539 Clinical Diagnostics (4)
Covers major diagnostic methods such as physical examination, chemical analysis, and microbiological analysis. Covers diagnostic process; presentation of patient, evaluation, documentation, communication between specialties, diagnosis, therapy choice, and outcome measurements. Prerequisite: P BIO 508; P BIO 520.
MyPlan Course Details: MEDENG 539 (student access only)