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About #ThriveUW

Each week, first year students at the Seattle campus will receive a MyUW message – crafted by experienced students, advisers and faculty – to help make the most of their time at UW. We’ll share tips and ways of connecting with other students and finding additional resources. This project will continue over the winter and spring. Winter and Spring messages are under development.

  • Interested in knowing more or being involved in our collaborators group? Contact us at thriveUW@uw.edu or reach out directly to Michaelann Jundt, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, at mjundt@uw.edu.

 What the students see in the MyUW app


 Autumn 2015 Messages

  • Week -2 (September 14-18)

    • Welcome to the UW!
      • We’re excited you’re here and want you to have a great first year. Each week you will receive a message here — crafted by experienced students, advisers and faculty — to help you make the most of your time at the UW. We’ll share tips and resources, and suggest ways of connecting to the UW community. Get ready to #ThriveUW!


  • Week -1 (September 21-25)

    • Making connections
      • Meeting others is a great way to put down roots at the UW. And the friends you make here will enrich and shape your college experience.
    • Try this:
      • Attend three Dawg Daze events that interest you. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself —Groups from all over campus are excited to have first year students join their activities.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 1 (September 28 – October 2)

    • All the time in the world?
      • With just a few hours of classes a day, how will you spend your free time? The best way to fit in your out-of-class work, fun and self-care is to structure it.
    • Try this:
      • Create a weekly schedule. Include classes, time for study and your job, but also time for socializing and self-care. Leave room to tweak your schedule to meet academic demands and accommodate unexpected events. Share your favorite to-do app using #ThriveUW.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 2 (October 5-9)

    • Learning happens everywhere!
      • Student organizations, campus events and volunteering are just some of the ways you can build skills and develop yourself beyond the classroom.
    • Try this:
      • Look for engaging activities that also have a strong, welcoming community. You’ll want to learn and grow from the people around you.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 3 (October 12-16)

    • Librarians: Academic Superheros!
      • Need help with research? Librarians are experts at finding answers and navigating and evaluating information resources.
    • Try this:
      • Consult with a librarian for help in formulating a research topic or getting started on your writing. Visit the Odegaard Writing and Research Center.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 4 (October 19-23)

    • Study Smarter, not Harder
      • Studying well doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s not an impossible skill to master.
    • Try This:
      • Pro tips from UW Faculty: attend all classes, review lecture notes promptly, join a study group (meet 90 mins/week), and become comfortable asking for help. Try forming a study group or attending office hours — both are a great way to deepen your understanding of course material.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 5 (October 26-30)

    • Advisers can Help!
      • Need help clarifying interests and goals? Want more information on a course of study? Partner with a general or departmental adviser to shape your academic career!
    • Try this:
      • Drop in or make an appointment to see an adviser. Questions you could ask: How do I choose classes if I’m thinking about multiple majors? Are there ways to tell if a class will be good before enrolling?
    • Learn more:



  • Week 7 (November 9-13)

    • Let Curiosity be Your Guide
      • What intrigues you? What do you care about? Curiosity is at the heart of learning, so tune in and follow where it leads!
    • Try this:
      • Identify a social or global issue that interests you. Imagine what you would do if you could do anything for a year. Launch your quest — and possibly a rewarding career — with a related book, class or event.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 8 (November 16-20)

    • Roommate Issues?
      • Living with someone can be fun but challenging. Doing it harmoniously requires communicating your needs, compromising and respecting differences.
    • Try this:
      • Take an online personality assessment and compare results with your roommate(s). What does life look like from their perspective? What did you learn? Share something useful you discovered using #ThriveUW.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 9 (November 21-25)

    • Thanksgiving break: No message sent


  • Week 10 (November 30 – December 4)

    • Money, Money, Money
      • Dining dollars dwindling? Coffee consuming cash? Now’s the time to get a handle on your finances.
    • Try this:
      • Track your spending for a week. Then create a realistic budget (see tips below). Share your favorite money-saving strategy using #ThriveUW.
    • Learn more:


  • Week 11 (December 7-11)

    • You’re Almost There!
      • Finish the quarter strong by making healthy habits a priority. Research has shown that better sleep = better exam grades. Take care of yourself and your brain will thank you.
    • Try this:
      • Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Take 10 minutes to recharge every hour. Snack smart for brain power. And when you’re done, celebrate! Share your celebration selfie using #ThriveUW.
    • Learn more:


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