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May 10, 2013

The Olympian: Higher education a smart investment in state’s future

The Olympian published an editorial today supporting reinvestment in higher education, and noting recent remarks given by President Young: [W]e hope lawmakers will consider the remarks made by University of Washington President Michael Young at the Thurston County Chamber luncheon Wednesday. Young, who met earlier with The Olympian’s editorial board, laid out a convincing argument

Seattle Times: UW student group suggests tuition increase to fund faculty raises

Seattle Times higher education reporter Katherine Long reports in today’s newspaper: If the Legislature won’t give more money to higher education, University of Washington students are calling on the school to raise tuition by 3 percent, then put all of that money into faculty salaries. Read more.

April 29, 2013

Legislature adjourns, Special Session set to begin May 13

After a 105-days of work, the Washington State Legislature officially adjourned its Regular Session on Sunday (April 28). Late yesterday, Governor Inslee announced a Special Session will begin on May 13th at 9:00AM. State budget writers will meet in Olympia for the next two weeks in an attempt to work out a budget agreement. In addition

April 17, 2013

Today in Olympia: Deadlines for bills, budget near

Today (April 17) is the last day for the State House and Senate to consider opposite house bills. Regular session is slated to end in just over two weeks on April 28. After today, the main business left to accomplish is negotiating the state budget. Both the House and Senate have passed operating budgets (read President

April 11, 2013

Statement from UW President Michael K. Young on House Democrats’ budget proposal

“Today’s House budget proposal lacks significant, new state investment in public higher education. Washington ranks second to last in the nation — 49th — in higher education funding per student, with 25,000 jobs in high demand industries awaiting graduates we do not have the funding to educate. If we are to compete in the 21st

April 3, 2013

Statement from University of Washington President Michael K. Young regarding Senate Majority Coalition Caucus budget proposal announced today.

“Today’s Senate Majority Coalition Caucus budget proposal comes up woefully short for the UW and higher education. Of the $100 million in ‘new’ funding for higher education, the majority is derived from a 20 percent tax on our international students that we believe will price students out of their education and result in a loss of high-quality talent

April 1, 2013

Legislative budget process 101

State Representative Larry Seaquist (D-Gig Harbor) explains how the legislative budget process works in this white board video from the Washington House Democrats:

March 20, 2013

State Revenue Forecast is Mixed

Today (March 20) the Revenue Forecast was released. The forecast is prepared by the state’s nonpartisan Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, and used by both the executive and legislative branches in budget preparation. Budget writers in the House and Senate can now finish up their respective proposals, as the overall picture moves into focus. For more detail,

March 14, 2013

Day 60: Off the Floor and Back to Committee. Next Up: State Budget

Yesterday (March 13) was the “floor cutoff” in the State Legislature. Bills that didn’t make it out of their chamber of origin are now considered “dead.” Of course, bills can still be revived in Olympia-speak if they are “NTIB,” which means “necessary to implement the budget.” TVW has a brief summary of several high-profile bills that

February 28, 2013

State Supreme Court Strikes Down Supermajority Vote Requirement

Via the Associated Press: A divided high court ruled 6-3 Thursday that an initiative requiring a two-thirds vote was in conflict with the state Constitution. And that lawmakers and the people of Washington would need to pass a constitutional amendment to change from a simple majority to a supermajority. AP News – WA Supreme Court

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