State Relations

March 18, 2016

Legislative overtime: Special session enters week two

Last week, the legislature was unable to pass supplemental budgets and finish their work by day 60. Just hours before midnight, Governor Inslee called the legislature into special session to finish their budget work, starting the up-to-30-day clock on March 10.

At the same time, the governor took action on 37 bills passed earlier in session. Following through on a commitment earlier in the week to veto bills if a budget deal wasn’t reached, he vetoed 27 bills and allowed 10 to be enacted for public health and safety justifications.

The following day, as rank-and-file members began to depart Olympia, the Senate Ways & Means committee held a public hearing on a new Majority Coalition Caucus operating budget offer.

Negotiators remain at the capitol and continue to meet and exchange proposals, but progress is slow going. UW continues to speak with budget writers on all sides, making certain that lawmakers are keenly aware of the most important items for the university.

A side note: There was one bright purple-and-gold spot in the final stretch of legislative session. The UW Huskies men’s rowing team visited Olympia, receiving congratulations from Governor Inslee and several legislators for their 5th consecutive national championship title. So proud of them!

UW Rowing at state legislature

Members of the UW men’s rowing team and coaches on the steps of the state legislative building in Olympia, WA, on March 7, 2016.