State Relations

September 17, 2015

News Roundup: Innovation rankings, post-college earnings, and access

UW ranks fourth in the world in new measure of innovation (Seattle Times)

“The University of Washington is the most innovative public university in the world — and among all universities, public and private, it ranks fourth — according to a new rating by  Reuters, the online news service. Only Stanford, MIT and Harvard do more to foster innovation, Reuters says.”

College costs vs. earnings: New federal scorecard rates the schools (Seattle Times)

“Among Washington’s public research universities, the University of Washington and its branch campuses perform well; the average annual cost to attend for federal financial aid recipients was under $12,000 a year, and 10 years after they entered college, the median income of students who received financial aid was more than $50,000 a year. … UW is included in a special list of 30 schools with high graduation rates and low costs for the lowest-income students.”

Top Colleges Doing the Most for Low-Income Students (New York Times)

UW is ranked #13 in the NYT’s new College Access Index, which measures top colleges’ efforts on economic diversity.

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