State Relations

September 17, 2013

Discover the UW: Institute for Protein Design

As America’s number one federally funded public research university, the University of Washington is producing research with the power to change the world.

State legislators and other Olympia decision-makers will get a first-hand look at what UW researchers are discovering in a Friday, September 27 visit to The Baker Laboratory and the Institute for Protein Design, located in the University’s new Molecular Engineering and Sciences building.

Legislators and staff will be introduced to the Institute’s work integrating UW expertise in biochemistry, engineering, computer science and medicine, and leveraging local strength in the software industry to achieve new breakthroughs in medicine.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how UW research has the power to transform human health, how UW’s world-class research plays an important role in the state’s biotech research cluster, and how the University is propelling leading edge research and ideas out of our labs into the marketplace.

Learn more about the Institute for Protein Design in this video:

State legislators and their staff interested in the tour can contact the Office of State Relations at 206-543-7604.