State Relations

February 6, 2013

Provost’s Town Hall Covers Wide Range of Topics: State Funding, Accountability, Costs vs. Price, Flipping the Classroom, LEAN, and more

University of Washington Provost Ana Mari Cauce recently held a Town Hall on campus to discuss key issues and priorities for the current academic year. The event included lively conversation and timely questions from the live audience.

Below are several segments of interest concerning academic, administrative and state legislative issues.

Provost Town Hall

Provost Ana Mari Cauce discusses what the decline in State Funding has meant for UW. (1:25)

Provost Town Hall

Provost Cauce discusses price vs. costs of education, and trends at the UW vs. nationally. (2:00)

Provost Cauce discusses the need for continuous quality improvement to maintain UW’s excellence and affordability. (2:05)

Provost Town Hall

Provost Cauce discusses how faculty are “flipping” the classroom to improve learning outcomes. (2:16)

Provost Town Hall

Provost Cauce gives examples of savings UW has made through administrative efficiencies, and implementing the LEAN process. (3:21)