State Relations

January 8, 2013

Reinvestment proposal offers to freeze tuition

President Young today joined with presidents of the state’s other public four-year universities in asking the Legislature to bolster sagging state investment.

In exchange for a $225 million reinvestment in the 2013-15 operating budget, the universities offered to hold resident undergraduate tuition at current rates for the next two years.

Responding to the proposal in the Seattle Times, State Rep. Ross Hunter, D-Medina, chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, said:

“Do I think it will be difficult to find $225 million? Yes,” Hunter said. “But can we continue to do this long-term destruction of the higher-ed system? No.”

The Times noted:

“An infusion of $225 million would bring funding levels back to about what they were in 2009.”

The Times also reported that the presidents long term goal is to return to a 50/50 funding formula, where students and the state share the costs of higher education:

“Currently, about 67 percent of the cost of going to a four-year public college in Washington is borne by students and their families, with the state picking up the remainder.”

Commenting on the reinvestment proposal, UW Regent Joanne Harrell said in a statement:

“As a Regent, I’ve seen first hand how difficult this recession has been on our students and families. This proposal is a win-win. It makes higher education more affordable and ensures our students have access to the high quality education they deserve.”

Read the Seattle Times story, and let us know what you think: