State Relations

December 14, 2012

State House Committee Assignments Shape Up

While much attention remains focused on reorganization in the State Senate, both caucuses in the State House have now released most of their committee assignments.

On the Higher Education Committee, the gavel will remain with Rep. Larry Seaquist (D-Gig Harbor).

As the rosters below demonstrate, there will be a number of new members from both caucuses on the Higher Ed committee this session:


Rep. Larry Seaquist – Chair

Rep. Gerry Pollett – Vice Chair

Rep. Drew Hansen

Rep. Jamie Pedersen

Rep. Chris Reykdal

Rep.-elect Marcus Riccilli

Rep.-elect David Sawyer

Rep. Mike Sells

Rep. Gael Tarleton

Rep. Sharon Wylie

Source: House Democrat Committee Assignments


Rep. Larry Haler, Ranking Member

Rep. Hans Zeiger, Assistant Ranking Member

Rep. Susan Fagan

Rep. Mark Hargrove

Rep. Norm Johnson

Rep.-elect Chad Magendanz

Rep.-elect Elizabeth Scott

Rep. Norma Smith

Rep. Maureen Walsh

Source: House Republican Committee Assignments