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Statement from UW Interim President Phyllis Wise on House budget

“It is discouraging to see half of the state’s appropriation for the UW disappear in the space of two biennia. On the one hand, we are grateful that the House budget writers recognize the links among tuition, state funds, and financial aid. When the state does not have the funds to support higher education, raising tuition and preserving the state need grant are mechanisms by which we can try to maintain excellence and access. However, it is disappointing that the dramatic shift in who pays for higher education in our state continues and that students will bear an even greater proportion of the costs for education. While it may enable us to weather this storm, it is certainly not a viable long-term strategy. We need a different model for funding the university.”

One Response to “Statement from UW Interim President Phyllis Wise on House budget”

  1. fred doehring says:

    Dear President Wise,
    I know the budget is a problem, but using this issue to control all promotions with in the U. is not fair: my wife has been doing grant work for years with out of her title, grade, or pay scale.
    Her dept. recently asked U/W personnel to promote her–even though she is qualified, she has been declined due to “union rules prohibiting her promotion from a union member to a non union position–internally its about money. The worst of it is that she will be required to continue as a grant writer–well outside of her job description and pay scale. This is not right.
    She has faithfully and continuously worked for the U.for 25 years.
    Yes, the budget crisis is important, but fairness?

    Best Regards,
    Fred Doehring

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