State Relations

July 9, 2009

Capitol press corps loses another

Rich Roesler of the Spokesman Review becomes the latest member of the Capitol press corps to take a job with the state.  According to his Eye on Olympia blog:

And this time, it’s me.

After nearly 9 years covering Olympia for an Eastern Washington audience, I’m taking a public-affairs job with the state insurance commissioner’s office.

I love what I do, and am deeply grateful to the Spokesman-Review and to everyone who’s clicked on this blog or read my stories. But given the worrisome state of newspapers — round after round of layoffs, a pay cut, a furlough — it would have felt irresponsible to not jump at a job that feels like a good fit and a new opportunity.

S-R management is still figuring out what to do, but early indications are that they’ll replace me and keep the bureau open. That’s good news. I’ve watched the permanent press corps here dwindle down to 8 people, and Eastern Washington in particular needs some eyes on the puzzle palace that Olympia can be.

It’s good news that the Spokesman-Review is planning to keep an Olympia bureau open, but Roesler was a fine writer who added a unique perspective to political coverage and he will be missed.