State Relations

May 11, 2009

Two more bills on Governor’s schedule

Two more bills of interest are scheduled for action on Tuesday and Wednesday.  SB 5172, scheduled for Tuesday, would create a Center for Human Rights at the UW.  According to the official bill report:

The mission of the center is to expand opportunities for Washington residents to receive a world-class education in human rights, generate research data and expert knowledge to enhance public and private policymaking, and become an academic center for human rights teaching and research in the nation.

The program would build off the human rights program already offered by the UW.

On Wednesday, the Governor is scheduled to take action on HB 2211, which would allow “early tolling” on the 520 bridge as part of developing a replacement plan.  Tolls would be set by the Washington State Transportation Commission, and an extensive process for developing the replacement plan is set out in the bill.

Finally, for those who wonder what a bill signing looks like, we have photographic evidence, taken at the signing ceremony for HB 1640 (protecting private investment information) last week. (From left to right behind the Governor — Randy Hodgins, Scott Davies, Doug Breckel, prime sponsor Rep. Lynn Kessler, and Mike Woodin)
Bill Signing Picture