State Relations

December 5, 2008

Assembly Update, part 2

Earlier this year the University announced the creation of a new College of the Environment, designed to draw together a number of degree programs and to serve as a hub for multidisciplinary education and research on environmental issues. Yesterday the Senate Natural Resources, Ocean and Recreation Committee took up how the creation of the new College will affect forestry education.

Provost Phyllis Wise, Dean Bruce Bare of the College of Forest Resources and Interim Dean Dennis Hartmann of the College of the Environment appeared before the committee, answering questions from lawmakers. The Committee was reassured that the goal of the new College is to increase opportunities for students and faculty, and that the University is committed to continued excellence in forestry education. A number of lawmakers supported the new structure, noting it will provide a focal point for research and collaboration between the University and the broader community.

The week of the 15th brings the Governor’s budget proposal — the best guess at this point is Wednesday. What is certain is that there will be plenty of shared pain as we expect the proposal will close a more than $5 billion budget hole without raising taxes. Watch for more details here as soon as they become available.