State Relations

November 13, 2008

Bad “Budget” Moon Rising?

At the risk of continuing to beat the bad budget news horse to death, here are a few news items that portend nasty state economic news on the horizon.

State sales tax collections are down below last year as this news item reports in today’s Seattle P-I.

Andrew Garber from the Seattle Times reports that the Governor has no expectations that she will love her budget this year as much as she has previous spending plans.

The Olympian reported this past Monday that state workers are concerned about the potential for layoffs as government downsizing plays out next session.

And here’s a recent blog post that quotes Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-Snohomish), Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee as saying the budget deficit could balloon to more than $4.6 billion after next week’s revenue forecast update.

And if I remember the words to Fogerty’s song, there was something in the lyrics about “rivers overflowing?”