State Relations

August 18, 2008

Catching Up Post-Vacation

Nothing like waking up to the clock radio for the first time in two weeks to ram home the point that vacation is truly over.  Looks like I timed the weather just about perfectly too as the thunder and rain rumbles over red square this morning.

Quite a lot going on as most of you all know by now.  There is a state freeze on hiring, out of state travel, equipment and other purchases which was announced just two weeks ago this Monday.  State revenue collections posted another $60 million loss in July, the second month in a row that they have been that much below expectations.  The political season is also heating up with campaign signs, and television and radio commercials in full swing.

With the primary election less than one day away, here’s an interesting story from the Tri-City Herald’s Chris Mulick on how legislative leaders are viewing the importance of tomorrow’s “top two” election.

As soon as I work my way through the backed-up messages and inbox, I’ll get back to more regular posts.