State Relations

April 2, 2008

No Changes from Gov in Supplemental Capital Budget

Just got a chance to review the Governor’s veto message on the 2008 supplemental capital budget and there are no changes that impact the University.  On the positive side, this means the $3 million for the UW Tacoma campus land acquisition and soils remediation project remains intact and $300,000 to conduct a pre-design study for a future expansion of the Burke Museum is preserved.

On the negative side, the UW’s request for a gubernatorial veto of the legislative cut to the four year institution’s cost allocation pool was not granted.  This means there is no funding remaining in that pool to allocate to the Playhouse Theater renovation project which is $1.3 million overbudget.

With the Governor’s signature on the operating and capital budgets and all remaining legislation yesterday, the 2008 session is now officially over.