State Relations

June 21, 2007

But Where Will We Eat?

Some disturbing news from the state capital surfaced early this week with the announcement that the Liberty Cafe located on the main floor of the Pritchard Library will close next Friday June 29th.  The eatery which serves as a quasi- “town square” during annual legislative sessions apparently can’t make a financial go of things due to a dramatic slowdown in business once legislators leave town.

Now the Liberty Cafe was never going to earn even one Michelin star, but you could get a dependably decent (and sometimes quick) breakfast or sandwich at a reasonable price and the coffee was hot and loaded with caffeine.  More importantly, however, there were lots and lots of tables where impromtu meetings could be held, blackberry’s could be monitored and gossip could be spread quickly and anonymously.

No word yet from the Department of General Administration on a potential replacement.  In the meantime, the Dome Deli located on the ground floor of the Legislative Building will reopen on July 2.