State Relations

May 21, 2007

Future Statewide Office in the Future for Lisa Brown?

A persistent rumor that raced through the hallways of the state capitol during the last few weeks of the 2007 legislative session was the notion that Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (D-Spokane) might be contemplating a run for State Treasurer in 2008.  Mike Murphy, the incumbant State Treasurer has indicated he will not run again when his third term expires next year.

If you’re wondering why the most powerful politician in the state Senate would consider leaving for an elected office that is arguably lower profile than many other posts, Northwest News Network political reporter Austin Jenkins speculates how such a move could lead to the Governor’s mansion in 2012 in today’s story from Crosscut, the Pacific NW online newspaper.

In short, serving as State Treasurer would raise Brown’s statewide political profile enough to propel her towards a run for Governor in 2012 (Gregoire, if re-elected, has indicated she would only serve two terms).  Brown seems reluctant to make the move, but it’s clear she is being asked to seriously consider the notion.