State Relations

April 9, 2007

Fun with Washington State Trivia

While we sit and wait for more conference action on the state budget, let’s have some fun with a little Washington State trivia.  In my spare time, in addition to co-hosting a local radio show with my friend Steve McLellan, we also write trivia questions for TVW — the state’s public affairs channel.  They run the trivia questions during breaks between broadcasts of floor and committee action and by the end of session, most everyone in town knows a little bit more about Washington State popular culture, and are sick to death of seeing the same 100 or so questions being repeated throughout the day.

So, to help breakup the monotony, here are five new questions to ponder.  I’ll provide the answers tomorrow.  (P.S., make it a bit harder on yourself and try to avoid using the internet.)

1.  Of the four cities in the world named Walla Walla, where are the other three outside Washington State located?

2.  This popular Hollywood movie actor was only 12 years old when he kicked Elvis Presley in the shin outside the Space Needle in the 1963 flick It Happened at the World’s Fair.

3.  Renton may be the new home of the Seahawks (and maybe the Supersonics) but what famous heavyweight boxer from that city fought both George Foreman and Ken Norton in the early seventies?

4.  When Indira Gandhi visited Washington State in 1962, at what college did she lecture?

5.  What Tacoma group was honored in 2005 by the Washington State Legislature and is the largest selling instrumental rock band in music history?