Reporting a Concern or Incident

If you see behavior that makes you or others concerned, report the behavior to SafeCampus by calling 206-685-SAFE (206-685-7233). Behaviors of concern could signal someone is in distress or may be prohibited behaviors as defined by UW policy. Remember to always call 911 if you need assistance from police, fire, or emergency medical personnel.

Urgent and Imminent Threats

Step 1: Call 911. (At Harborview Medical Center only, call 206-744-5555 for additional security guard assistance.)

Step 2: Once safe, call the Violence Prevention and Response Team at 206-685-SAFE (206-685-7233).

Potential or Suspected Threats

Call 206-685-SAFE (206-685-7233) to report the situation to the Violence Prevention and Response Team.

What Happens Next

The Violence Prevention and Response Program provides centralized intake and response to non-emergency calls of actual and potential threats of violence. The Violence Prevention and Response Team answers 206-685-SAFE (206-685-7233) Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Harborview Medical Center Community Care Line answers night and weekend calls.

The coordinator you will speak with will want to know:

  • what happened
  • when it happened
  • who was involved
  • whether there were injuries
  • whether the police were called
  • what the police did and what instructions they gave, if any


Depending on the situation, there may be immediate planning to identify a safe situation for a person who may be at risk. The Violence Prevention and Response Team will evaluate the need for a formal assessment where representatives of appropriate UW departments participate. The Assessment Team includes members from: UW Police, the Attorney General's Office, and the Violence Prevention & Response Program. Other participants are included depending on the situation. For students, the Counseling Center and Student Life or the Graduate School also participate. For faculty and staff members, UW CareLink, UW Human Resources or Academic Human Resources, and the affected department participate on the Assessment Team.


The assessment process allows for a coordinated review of the situation, with each participant bringing specialized knowledge to bear on the issue. The end product is a comprehensive issue management and risk abatement plan. Callers are connected with on- and off-campus resources that fit their situation.

The Violence Prevention and Response team monitors outcomes and can reconvene the threat assessment team to re-evaluate a situation as necessary.

See "About SafeCampus" to learn more about the Violence Prevention and Response Program.


If you or others may be in danger


206-685-SAFE (7233)
For advice and resources


206-685-WALK (9255)
UW safety guards
to walk with you

Not sure if your concern needs reporting or have another question not related to violence? Student Life is the place to go when you don't know where to go. We work with students and families in difficult situations, and can help you connect to the right services quickly. If you find yourself in a challenging situation and you don't know where to start, rest assured that we are here to work with you. 206-543-4972 or