Rules Coordination Office

Title 478 WAC Housekeeping Amendments

University Personnel Responsible for the Proposed Rule:

Rebecca Goodwin Deardorff

448 Gerberding Hall
UW Seattle campus

Subject of Proposed Rule:

Housekeeping amendments to Title 478 WAC sections

Washington State Register Citations:

Filing WSR #
CR–103:  WSR 17–14–035 (July 19, 2017 publication)
Other:  CR-105 Expedited Rule Making – WSR 17-08-015 (April 19, 2017 publication)

Written Submissions Regarding the Proposed Rule:

Person Accepting Submissions:
Rebecca Goodwin Deardorff
Director, Rules Coordination Office
University of Washington
Box 351210
Seattle, WA 98195-1210

When Submissions Accepted:
April 19, 2017—June 6, 2017

Place for Proposed Rule Inspection:
448 Gerberding Hall
UW Seattle, WA

Timetable for Proposed Rule:

Action Date
CR–105 Filed  March 27, 2017
The Daily Comment Notice  April 20, 2017
UW Today Comment Notice  April 19, 2017
CR–103 Filed  June 26, 2017
Effective Date  July 27, 2017