2014 Housekeeping Amendments to Title 478 WAC Rules

University Personnel Responsible for the Proposed Rule:

Rebecca Goodwin Deardorff, Director of Rules Coordination

448 Gerberding Hall, UW Seattle Campus
Box 351210

Subject of Proposed Rule:

2014 Housekeeping Amendments to Title 478 WAC Rules.

Washington State Register Citations:

Filing WSR #
CR-101: -
CR–102: -
Other: WSR 14-12-069 CR–105 Expedited Rule Making (June 18, 2014 publication)

Written Submissions Regarding the Proposed Rule:

Person Accepting Submissions:
Rebecca Goodwin Deardorff
Director of Rules Coordination
University of Washington
Box 351210
Seattle, WA 98195-1210

When Submissions Accepted:
June 18, 2014—August 10, 2014

Place for Proposed Rule Inspection:
448 Gerberding Hall
UW Seattle, WA

Timetable for Proposed Rule:

Action Date
CR–105 Filed: June 2, 2014
The Daily Comment Notice June 25, 2014
UW Today Comment Notice June 26, 2014
President’s Adoption:
CR–103 Filed:
Effective Date:

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