UW Rome Center

Services and support

Student support

Rome Center staff are available on site to assist with all issues that can arise during the course of study abroad: medical emergencies and care, housing and safety issues, questions related to Rome/Italy and local life. In addition, staff members do a thorough orientation shortly upon arrival, providing a wealth of practical information.

Extracurricular/cultural activities

Each academic quarter the Rome Center organizes cultural activities open to the public, including special guest lectures and film events, designed to enrich the overall experience of students and faculty studying and teaching in Italy. The Center can also facilitate service learning, community service, and internship opportunities for students, both within the context of their program or as an extracurricular.

Program support

The Rome Center offers programs in residence a full range of administrative services to assist faculty with all aspects of developing and running study abroad programs. Directors can rely on the expertise of on-site staff to ensure that even first-time faculty with limited knowledge of Italy can seamlessly plan and run successful Rome programs.  Services include:  arranging housing in Rome for students and faculty; reserving museum and site visits; organizing day and overnight trips (reserving hotels, transportation, visits, and tours); connecting faculty with local docents for guest lectures; identifying activites/visits to enrich program curriculum and make the fullest use of location and local resources

Services for conferences and independent research

Conference organizers and faculty/students using the Rome Center for independent research have access to the same facilities and support services offered to study abroad programs.