UW Rome Center


Receiving mail

Student mail should be addressed as follows:

Student’s Name
Program Name
c/o University of Washington Rome Center
Piazza del Biscione 95
00186, Rome, ITALY

Do not change your billing addresses for voting materials, credit card or bank statements, etc. It takes too long to change the address again once you leave Rome!

Receiving packages 

The U.S. Mail is the best way to send packages. Please keep in mind that it typically takes between 2 and 4 weeks – and often longer – for packages mailed from the U.S. to arrive at the UWRC.  FedEx, UPS or DHL are useful when speed is of great importance.

Important information about fees

  • Fees levied on packages arriving in Italy from the U.S. are based on the value of the contents as determined by the Italian Post Office and customs regulations PLUS the cost of shipping. These charges can be exorbitant, even for items marked “Used Personal Effects.”
  • Since insuring a package only calls attention to its possible value, senders should consider no insurance and/or declare only minimal value ($30 max.)
  • Clearly indicate the cost of shipping. Otherwise Italian customs will estimate this cost (estimate is often higher than actual cost).
  • Packages are usually opened by customs at random. Those not stopped for duty will be delivered to the UWRC. Students must pay the customs tax before claiming packages. This charge can range from 10-70 euros or more.
  • NO MEDICATIONS SHOULD BE MAILED, including over-the-counter medications and vitamins. If these are detected the package will not be deliverable, especially if listed on the customs declaration. If you urgently need prescription medications while in Rome, see the Rome Center for information.
  • Packages containing FOOD OF ANY TYPE (packaged, processed, homemade) or COSMETIC PRODUCTS are subject to customs inspection. A handling fee is automatically charged, and you must complete a complicated payment process in order for the package to be released. Favorite foods may be a staple of the traditional “care package”, but please be forewarned of the potential costs and slow delivery time of such packages (and remember, you can buy peanut butter and instant coffee in Italy!!!)

Receiving express courier envelopes

  • Courier envelopes (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) should be addressed as for mail (see above). If they are sent c/o of the UW Rome Center, we can sign for students’ envelope delivery.
  • Include the Rome Center’s phone number on the courier waybill (06-686-8807).

Mail received after you leave Rome

  • Letters will be forwarded to students’ departments for 1 quarter only. After this, mail will be refused (returned to sender).
  • We try to refuse all packages once students have left Rome, but they may sometimes still be accepted by the building porter. Ask friends and family not to send packages during the last 4 to 5 weeks of your program. We are not able to forward packages received after program dates (especially large packages).