UW Rome Center



The University of Washington Rome Center fosters disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies that profit from the broadened perspectives afforded by its unique location, outstanding facilities, and superior services.  The Center encourages courses and other initiatives from all academic fields and works closely with faculty to connect programs to the Italian/Roman context, to engage with local institutions, and to make the fullest use of local resources.

History and Overview

In 1970, Professor Emerita Astra Zarina initiated the first Architecture in Rome program, hosting a small number of students from Seattle in her apartment. In 1983-84, supported by the University and after many years of directing and teaching the Architecture in Rome programs, Professor Zarina negotiated a lease for several floors of the historic Palazzo Pio. This facility is now the University of Washington’s Rome Center, a vibrant hub of activity serving students and faculty from a variety of UW departments and partner institutions.

Since its inauguration, the Rome Center has grown steadily and now hosts 300-400 students a year from over 30 different faculty-led UW programs in a wide, ever-increasing range of disciplines.  Partner university programs are on the rise as well and represent about 20% of total participants.