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The Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

The Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities

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2013 Symposium

Friday, August 23, 2013 - Allen Library Auditorium

View the 2013 SIAH Symposium Flyer

9:00-9:30           Welcome and Opening Remarks

      • Janice DeCosmo, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Director, Undergraduate Research Program
      • Kathleen Woodward, Director, Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities and Professor of English
      • Professor Matthew Sparke, Geography, Jackson School of International Studies, and Global Health

9:30-10:25           Session I- Re-representing "Outbreak" Through Compassion and Language

      • Mollie Holmberg, Biology (Ecology, Evolution & Conservation)
      • David Roy Chen, Public Health
      • Sarah Kislak, Public Health and Comparative History of Ideas
      • Vedran D. Jankovic, English (Language and LIterature, Creative Writing)

10:10-10:25        Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session I

10:25-10:35        Break

10:35-11:30        Session II-  Uncovering Outbreaks: The Invisible Nature of Disease

      • Oliver Treanor Miska, Comparative History of Ideas
      • Omar J. Acosta, Pre-Social Sciences
      • Sharon Pan, Public Health
      • Jennifer W. Look, Pre-Health Sciences

11:15-11:30        Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session II

11:30-11:40        Break

11:40-12:35        Session III-  Narrating Health and Disease: Institutional Sovereignty and Otherness

      • Elizabeth Marie Jansen, Public Health
      • William Tsang, Biology (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental)
      • Vincent Pham, English
      • Louie Tan Vital, Pre-Social Sciences

12:20-12:35       Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session III

12:40-1:45         Lunch in 171 Mary Gates Hall

1:50-2:45           Session IV-  Social Bodies: The Politics of Health and Self

      • Samuel Pizelo, English
      • Leah Trangen, Public Health
      • Katherine Schroeder, Russian Language, Literature, & Culture and International Studies
      • James Kelley, Geography and Social Welfare

2:30-2:45          Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session IV

2:45-2:55          Break

2:55-3:50           Session V-  Reframing Health Narratives in Overlooked Communities

      • Meredith Rose Morrow-Okon, International Studies
      • Brandie Nordstrum, Anthropology: Medical Anthropology & Global Health
      • Vickie Satele, Pre-Sciences
      • Rachel Schlotfeldt, English

3:35-3:50       Q&A and Closing Remarks for Session V

3:50-4:00       Break

4:00-4:15       Closing Remarks

      • María Elena García, Comparative History of Ideas and Jackson School of International Studies