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The Levinson Emerging Scholars Program

The 2014-15 application is now available. Apply here.

Deadline Extended: August 18, 2014


"Conducting research with faculty was an invaluable experience that defined the course of my future. Rita and I are pleased to extend similar opportunities for discovery to exceptional UW undergraduates." -- Art Levinson

Art and Rita Levinson photoThe Levinson Emerging Scholars Program is funded through a generous gift from Art (UW '72) and Rita Levinson.

Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech , one of the world's leading biotech companies focusing on medical technologies, and Rita Levinson wanted to encourage talented undergraduates to pursue advanced research in biotechnology-related fields. Research played a pivotal role in Levinson's education and professional development. Much as Art Levinson used the flexibility of independent studies to assume responsibility for designing his UW education, for students selected to be Levinson Emerging Scholars, involvement in research is the driving force of their education as they pursue independent projects of their own design supported by their mentors and other members of their lab or group.