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Get Funding

Faculty are able to apply for funding for research projects in which they involve undergraduates.

  • NIH Supplements for Summer Undergraduate Research NIH Supplements for Summer Undergraduate Research
    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announces the opportunity for investigators and United States institutions/organizations with active NIH Research Grants to request administrative supplements for the purpose of promoting job creation, economic development, and accelerating the pace and achievement of scientific research. These supplements will also encourage students to seriously pursue research careers in the health related sciences, as well as provide elementary, middle school, and high school teachers, community college faculty, and faculty from non-research intensive institutions with short term research experiences in NIH-funded laboratories.

  • National Institutes of Health External Link
    NIH offers grant supplements to principal investigators that include stipends for undergraduates who are from groups underrepresented in the sciences, including students with disabilities.  Students may also apply for summer internships at NIH facilities.

  • National Science Foundation External Link
    Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) supplements provide funding for undergraduates to work on projects tied to NSF-funded grants to faculty.  Contact your program manager at NSF for information.  Annual deadlines may apply.
    NSF REU Toolkit External Link on applying for a supplement.

  • Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics External Link
    CURM will help faculty members set up an academic-year (i.e., September - May) undergraduate research group at their own institution. Each year, CURM will award mini-grants ranging from $12,000 - $21,000 each to professors who are accepted into the program. These mini-grants will consist of financial support for undergraduate research groups consisting of 2-5 undergraduate students and one faculty member.

  • Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities External Link provides a unique opportunity for selected undergraduates to earn full-time, academic credit through immersion in scholarly research with accomplished scholars and peers. Bringing together four faculty and twenty students in plenary, seminar and tutorial-style sessions, the Summer Institute will encourage mutual learning as well as independent thought. Faculty and faculty cohorts may apply to be part of the Summer Institute by submitting proposals for the program's theme.