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Presentation Workshops & Practice Sessions

Oral Presentation PowerPoint Workshops

The workshop is tailored to students who are participating in the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium but all are welcome to attend.

Presentation PowerPoint Workshops are open to anyone interested in learning how to organize a presentation, what information to include, and how to draw the attention of your audience through the use of PowerPoint. The better your presentation, the more likely your audience will understand your project.

PowerPoint Workshops are held during Spring Quarter. Check back in late Winter Quarter for dates and times.

Symposium Practice Sessions

URP Presentation Practice Sessions are geared toward students who are participating in the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. The Undergraduate Research Program has specific requirements for presentations that are conducted at the Symposium.

To sign up for a practice session, visit your online application and sign up on the dashboard. We encourage you to come to the sessions regardless of what stage of the preparation process you are in. URP Staff, UW Staff and PostDocs will be available to help you. The practice sessions are also a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the technology in the room.

Additional Resources

Visit the Presentation Tutorial for information on how to create an effective presentation. Learn how to present your research to an audience using a visual, how to concisely communicate the stakes and methods of your research within a set period of time, and how to present yourself to a group in an academic setting.

Students who want to practice can use the Digital Presentation Studio at Odegaard to record and review their presentation.

If you have questions about conducting a presentation, or want feedback on your presentation, make an appointment to speak with URP staff Creative Communications.