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Winter 2007 Schedule

Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20, OUGL Room 220 - Public Welcome!

January 3 - "Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research"

January 10 - "Visualizing Victory: Ritual, Rhetoric, and Art in the Roman Triumph"

Sarah Stroup, Classics

January 17– "Political Science Hits the Streets: How undergraduate students helped implement a scientific exit poll on election day 2006"

Matt Barreto, Political Science

January 24 – "King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon"

David Montomery  
David Montgomery, Earth and Space Sciences

January 31– "Equitable Access, the Opportunity to Learn and Transitions to College for Latino students in Washington"

Frances Contreras  
Frances Contreras, College of Education

February 7

Ann Kimball  
Ann Kimball, Epidemiology

February 14 - "Assessing the possible population-level effects of male circumcision interventions to prevent the transmission of HIV in Africa"

Sam Clark  
Sam Clark, Sociology & Jeff Eaton

February 21 – "Personalizing the Victims of Southern Lynching, 1880 to 1930"

Stewart Tolnay  
Stewart Tolnay, Sociology Stewart Tolnay & Amy Kate Bailey

February 28 - Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities Faculty Presentation

March 7 - Final Quiz

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