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Autumn 2009 Schedule

Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:20, Room: OUGL 220- Public Welcome!

Discussion Board

September 30 - Introduction to Undergraduate Research

October 7 - "Race, Health, and Research: The Significance of the Human Subjects Review Process"

Clarence Spigner  
Clarence Spigner Clarence Spigner

Health Services
American Ethnic Studies
Global Health

October 14 - "Fighting over Troy: Ancient and Modern.  Why?"

carol thomas  
Carol Thomas Ed Miles
History, Ancient Greece

October 21 - “Walk Softly: A look behind the luxury of a handwoven carpet”

Layne Goldsmith  
Layne Goldsmith
School of Art

October 28 - “Global Climate Change and the Development of Climate Impacts Science"

Ed Miles  
Ed Miles David Ginger
School of Marine Affairs
Senior Fellow, Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Oceans (JISAO)
Co-Director, Center for Science in The Earth System

November 4 - "RaceTalk, GenderTalk: Drive-by Diversity or Hands-on Engagement"

Biren Nagda  
Biren (Ratnesh) Nagda David Ginger

School of Social Work
Director, Intergroup Dialogue, Education and Action (IDEA) Center

November 11 - NO CLASS- Veteran's Day

November 18 - "Discovering magic bullets: The search for targeted anti-cancer therapies"

Dustin Malay  
Dustin Maly Dustin Maly


November 25 - Research Ethics research ethics

December 2 - "Ideal wife or ideal lover: Hindu Goddesses in Myth and Movie"

heidi pauwels  
Heidi Pauwels Heidi Pauwels
Asian Languages and Literatures

December 9 - Final Quiz