When must an Investigator disclose SFI that is unrelated to their current research project?

Example: an Investigator receives PHS funding to perform quantitative imaging and also does outside consulting for Amgen and AstraZeneca. The Investigator receives more than $5000 from each Entity for the consulting work, but the work involves drug development, not quantitative imaging.   Does the $5000 from each Entity need to be disclosed if the work is not related to research?


Under GIM-10, Investigators participating in PHS-Funded Research must report SFIs as related to their Institutional Responsibilities.  This is a broader disclosure than was previously required.  GIM-10 defines "Institutional Responsibilities" as  "any professional activity carried out by an Investigator or Innovator for which the Investigator or Innovator is compensated by the University, including:  (i) sponsored activities (such as Research, training, and similar activities sponsored by external sources including federal, state and local governments and private businesses, corporations, foundations and organizations), (ii) non-sponsored activities (such as teaching, departmental or University supported Research, clinical work, and department and University administrative duties), and (iii) University-related public service."

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