Sponsor Deadline Email


Each day (at 6:00 AM), the system checks for any applications that are between six and three business days prior to their sponsor deadline. SPAERC sends out the sponsor deadline reminder email if the application’s value for the Ready to Submit question is “No”. The email is sent to the PI, Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, and eGC1 Preparer. If the value changes to “Yes” within the six-to-three day timeline, the system stops sending the email.

Note: this email is not sent if the application is after-the-fact or a clinical trial

Calculation used: Sponsor deadline date minus the current date falls between three and six business days inclusive of today. Holidays are counted as business days.

Sample sponsor deadline message:

Email Subject Line (sample values filled in)

Final Sponsor Documents Required for eGC-1 A99999

Email Body (sample values filled in)

This is an automatically generated message sent by SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) at the University of Washington.

7 and 3 DAY DEADLINES – 7 DAY: An approved eGC-1 and the proposal containing all final business elements should be received by OSP at least seven (7) working days prior to the sponsor deadline. 3 DAY: All applications must be received by OSP in final format and ready for submission to the sponsor by 5:00pm, three business days in advance of the sponsor deadline. All applications that must be submitted electronically to the sponsor must answer “yes” to the “Ready to Submit” (RTS) question on the GC-1 prior to OSP submission of the application. Deadline calculations do not include weekends, holidays, or the actual sponsor due date listed on the eGC1. See GIM 19 at http://www.washington.edu/research/policies/gim-19-internal-deadlines-for-proposals-to-external-entities/ for more information.

According to the eGC1 listed below, your application is due at the sponsor in 5 days. Final sponsor documents need to be uploaded immediately and the “Ready to Submit” (RTS) question on the eGC1 answered “Yes” to ensure adequate time for review and submission to the sponsor grant system. The RTS question on the eGC1 is currently answered “No”.

Application # – A99999
Title – Applying Fractal Geometry to Measuring Coast Lines
PI Name – Jayne Doe
Sponsor – American Mathematical Society
Sponsor Deadline – 10/15/2011

https://sage.admin.uw//era/uwnetid/sage/….  (customized link to the eGC1)

Compliance References- GIM 19: “All proposals, both paper and electronic, received by OSP after 5:00 pm, three (3) business days prior to the sponsor deadline will be returned to the PI and department contact and will not be submitted to the Sponsor unless a waiver to the deadline is granted by the Assistant Vice Provost for Research.”

Please ignore this message if you have already attached your final sponsor document and answered “Yes” to the RTS question, or have withdrawn this application from consideration.

If you have questions about SAGE functionality, please contact the SAGE Help Desk (sagehelp@u.washington.edu, 206-685-8335).

If you have questions about this specific application and the attachments, please contact your OSP Administrator (osp@u.washington.edu).

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