Application Returned Email


When you return an application to the research team, the system generates the following email and send it to the PI, Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, and eGC1 Preparer.

Email Subject Line (sample values filled in)

eGC1 A99999 Returned – Please revise

Email Body (sample values filled in)

REVISION REQUIRED: A revision of a UW eGC1 for a grant or contract is pending. This application was returned by Mary Smith for the following reasons: Please update the budget to clarify the subaward data.*

Please check link below to revise this eGC1

After revising, please re-complete eGC1 A99999 so that the approval process will resume where it left off. Use the “Add Approver” or “Add Watcher” button on the Approval Workflow page to add impacted units back on the chart.

Application # A99999

Long title: Ready for Success

PI name: Alfred Marks

Sponsor deadline: 7/1/2012

*The system includes the reason text you entered when you returned the application.

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