When is the Office of Animal Welfare added to the approval graph of an eGC1?

The application would be one that involves the use of vertebrate animals (compliance questions AC-1 = Yes). The Animal Subjects node appears as an approver if the application is After-the-Fact (ATF).  If not ATF, then if the Application Type is Transfer from Another Institution or Supplement and Extension.

Otherwise, the node is added “just-in-time” when the sponsor notifies the PI that the proposal has received a fundable score. The PI or other application owner adds Animal Subjects to the Approval Graph as an ad hoc Watcher. This sends an email notification to the Animal Subjects reviewers and gives them access to the application.

Just-in-time application types are:

  • Pre-Application
  • New
  • Competing Renewal
  • Competing Resubmission
  • Competing Suppliment

For more information, see Approvals: Compliance Reviewers.

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