Advance Budget Requests

A Principal Investigator (PI) or Research Administrator (RA) can request authorization to spend in advance of the receipt of an award or the setting up of an award in UW systems. The department must guarantee these expenditures if an award does not come through.  The UW authorizes advance spending through the assignment of an advance budget number.

The PI or RA uses SAGE to create the Advance Budget Number Requests. Once approved by the PI, Department Reviewer, and the Office of Research SFI Reviewer, the advance moves to Received in GCA / In GCA status and is available for processing in SERA.

From the tasklist, click the Select button to open an Advance.

The advance request header for a New or Renewal advance includes (reading left to right):

  • a blue arrow to return to the tasklist
  • the text Advance Budget Request followed by its number (ADV)
  • a link to the associated cycle
  • a link to the associated application
    • selecting this link opens the SPAERC Applications tasklist displaying just the associated application
  • the advance budget number (when in Processed status)
  • the request status
  • a more options menu (three vertical dots) which allows you to add a comment

For an extension advance, in place of the links to the associated cycle and application, there is a link to the associated advance that is being extended.

The following two images show an example header for a new advance and for an advance extension.

advance budget request header

example header for an advance extension

When you open an advance, by default the Request Summary section will display.

Within the Request Summary, you can edit the GCA Managed Information and Budgets sections. You will be able to view the remaining sections:

  • General Information
  • SFI & FCOI
  • Cost Share
  • Non-Fiscal Compliance
  • Supporting Attachments
  • Delegation of PI Approval

These sections are described in the Advance Review & Submit, Request Summary article in the SAGE User Guide.

Within the Request Summary, you can also Return a Request.

Once a budget number or numbers are assigned, you can Mark Setup Complete & Notify Campus to complete the process. This will change the advance’s status to Processed, display the number in the header, and update the GCA and Processes nodes on the Approval Flow.