Unallocated Setup


This line item is used for any expense not covered by the other codes in the budget.

Use the setup window for Unallocated Funds to add a new line item for unallocated budget. Enter a description for the default sub-object code 38-00.

Note: If you enabled Targets & Limits and are establishing Unallocated Funds as an Auto-Adjusting line, you will see additional fields.

  • Period Minimum: Defines the minimum allowable sum for this budget line item.
  • Period Maximum: Defines the maximum allowable sum for this budget line item.
  • Priority: Defines the order in which funds will be allocated across line items based on your budget target, with funds going to Priority 1 items first.

On the worksheet, a TL icon, in place of the Delete Line button, identifies these line items.

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